There are lots of different types of orthodontic appliances and in our specialist practice we can offer them all to you.
Fixed Braces
Fixed Braces

Most orthodontic treatment is carried out with ‘fixed braces’. Fixed appliances move the teeth with great precision. There are lots of different types available. Most of our young patients ask for the classic design with coloured elastic ties, however ‘self ligating’ brackets such as ‘Damon’ and ‘Smartclip’ are also available on request.

Clear Braces
Clear Braces

These fixed braces are fabricated from porcelain and are less visible and more aesthetic than conventional braces. They are very popular with our adult patients.

Lingual Braces
Lingual Braces

These appliances are attached behind your teeth and are not visible when you smile or talk, making them the most aesthetic appliance available. We use the ’Incognito Lingual System’ which is custom made for each individual patient in Germany. For further information on Lingual braces, visit

Invisalign Aligners

There are numerous aligner systems available to specialist orthodontists. For example, Invisalign, Clearview and Simpli 5. Although not quite invisible, aligners are a popular choice for those who do not want to wear traditional ‘fixed’ braces.
We are a Platinum Invisalign provider.

Removable and Functional braces
Removable and Functional Braces

These appliances are used to correct bite discrepancies in growing patients. A second phase of ‘fixed’ braces is usually required after this initial phase of bite correction to align and detail the teeth and bite.

Surgery (Orthodontics for Orthognathic Surgery)
Surgery (Orthodontics for Orthognathic Surgery

Patients with severe jaw discrepancies may not be suitable for routine orthodontic treatment. For these individuals, the optimum result can only be achieved with a combination of braces to move the teeth and surgery to move the jaws.


To prevent relapse (your teeth returning to their original position) it is essential that your retainers are worn as prescribed. Simply wearing your retainers is an easy solution to maintaining your orthodontic result. All fees quoted at the start of treatment are inclusive of bonded retainers and your first set of removable retainers.